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About Us

Welcome to Nirvanafourteen Webstore, which specializes started from April 29,2014 of Wedding dresses and Evening gowns business,We both produce by ourselves and have bought China's wholesale price.Our webstore does produce many grade Low ,Middle ,High grade in wedding dresses and Evening gowns. We purchased material from India , France ,Italy ,China and Thailand. If the platform has same lower price and you don’t have any quality requirements, please choose. If you focus on quality our webstore will be your best choice with reasonable price . 

The taxes are charged by your country ( most countries don't charge tax ), so we won`t take care of them. But if you have any requests, we can try to help you mark a lower declare price.

-Goods in inventory of less than $150 processing time 2-7 working days.

-Price higher than $150, we need time to do 15-30 days depending on the complexity of doing that.

-Please understand whenever the packages ship out we cannot do anything there are depending on the shipping company. We try the best for all customers but in reality, can not make all satisfied

Wedding dresses are fitted garments. So wedding dress alternation is common and might be needed.

All our gowns allow one size up or down for your peace of mind. You can alter it locally when you receive it.

Bridal sizes do not correspond to your regular dress size and there are many different size charts too.

So please do NOT buy by your normal dress size.

When you measure, please make sure you wear the same or similar intimate apparel and shoes you are planning to wear on your wedding day.

  **Cheap wedding dresses and the collection of cheap night dresses are not Haute Couture please do not have high expectations of cheap wedding dresses.

***Most of dresses 80% of this listing are real pictures,All photos were taken by ourselves,When we taking these photos,There is a 3 hoops petticoat under the skirt to make is puffy,If the dressing effect you want is better and closer to what the model shows***

                 *****Wholesale price*****

20% discount minimum purchase 3 items Save code :  JWCS20
30% discount minimum purchase 4 items Save code  : WDWS30
40% discount minimum purchase 5 items Save code  : LTDS40
50% discount minimum purchase 7 items Save code : BESTPRICE
*when ordering the system will ask you discount code *

 Our dresses make by hand, It is full of small beading, by hand not by machine, In contrast why there are so cheap? As you see the hand it is the old hands, Most hands made workers, they have been experiences more than 20 years ago.